The unique manufacturing technique of our ornaments gives you a chance to wash, clean or brush the items without doing any harm to the embroidery.

We have worked it out specially for you, in order that you may preserve the precious embroidery even if you would use articles. Our technique helps us to create works of art out of very ordinary and utilitarian.


By means of the unique manual embroidery we are decorating components of the horse equipment for you, things of various use and purpose, such as:
• Saddle-pads
• Horse blankets
• Bridles and forehead straps
• Horse carriage coach trimming
• Horse-foot decoration
• Pectoral decoration etc.

We are creating a fine ambience for emphasizing your uniqueness:
• Clothes
• Hats
• Scarfs
• Gloves
• Bags
• High boots
• Book-covers and book-marks
• Coverings the office equipment
• Caskets
• Pictures and their frames
• Interior items ( blinds; pillows; cushions; coverlets; tablecloths; lampshades etc.)
• Inside of cars.

Subjects of embroidery may be:
• Personal monogram / nameplate
• Animals and birds
• Floral and geometrical ornament
• Your dearest horse (embroidered with her horsehair)

Implemented applying techniques are quite various :
• Stitching with pearl strings
• Gilded stitching
• Strass stitching
• Leather and / or tissue appliqué
• Cord embroidery
• Embroidery by application of the jewellery rosettes and decorative plaques

We are using purely natural materials for our products:
• Handmade silk tissues
• Suede velour
• Velvet
• Brocade and other tissues
• Pearl
• Gilded- and silk- threads
• Jewelry
• Svarovsky`s strasses
• Silk threads cords